Original: a silk cooktop!

Original: a silk cooktop!

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No, you're not dreaming ! Finally let's say rather that we deceive your senses with this hob which seems to be able to crumple. The reality is less magical, yet this Whirlpool baking sheet has benefited from the best magicians or more prosaically, the best engineers to obtain this beautiful illusion effect. Rightly named Silk (therefore Silk in English), this induction table was born in Italy, the country of design, within Whirlpool's R&D teams. This feat was made possible by the integration of a photograph in the glass. According to Whirlpool, this new inlay technique with a matte finish makes it possible to avoid the usual traces due to the wear of time. Your cooktop has found eternal youth!
On the cooking side, the Whirlpool Silk plate has three cooking zones distributed in a standard width of 60 cm. Although this "fashion" product is in a limited edition, the price does not reach that of a haute couture dress since the brand specifies that it will cost around € 500 for this object. Silk induction hob, Whirlpool, 500 €


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