Video: how to make a long necklace with various chains?

Video: how to make a long necklace with various chains?

Do you have many mismatched chains and chains and don't know how to wear them? Would you like to create an original piece of jewelry from recycled items? Sylvia Grandperrin, creator of the brand "Les Joyaux de la Couronne", explains how to create a necklace from various chains.

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Assemble the chains

To make a pretty long necklace, take several chains as well as several spacers, such as rings or original pearls. To assemble chains aesthetically, always insert a charm between two chains, using the technique of "pigtail". To do this, grab a nail with your fingers. Using pliers, twist the nail in the middle to make a loop. Then thread this loop at one end of a chain. Pinch the base of the loop with the, then, using another pliers, turn one of the branches of the nail around two turns around this base. Cut the remaining part of the nail. Perform the same operation with the branch of the remaining nail to fix the intermediate element: you will thus obtain two “pig tails” with a single nail.

Close the sautoir

When you have assembled all the chains and the spacers, close the jumper. To do this, use two broken rings that you will insert into each end of the necklace. Pass the carabiner through one of these rings. In the other ring, insert an adjustment chain that will adjust the length of the necklace. Thanks to Sylvia Grandperrin for these useful tips for recycling old chains. Watch the video How to make a long necklace with various chains? on Produced by Minute Facile.