Video: how to make an earring a medallion?

Video: how to make an earring a medallion?

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Who has never lost one of their favorite earrings? If you want to give a new life to a mismatched earring, follow Sylvia Grandperrin's advice to transform an earring into a chic and original medallion.

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Turn the earring into a medallion

If you have a mismatched earring, you can transform it into a medallion so that you can wear it again. There are two possibilities for this. You can either ask a professional to unsolder the clasp, or remove it yourself using a pair of pliers. Check that the rest of the clasp is not likely to injure the person wearing the medallion: if you find sharp or dangerous pieces, polish them. If your medallion is slightly curved, the rest of the clasp should not be in contact with the skin.

Mount the medallion earring

Once you have prepared and secured the medallion, insert a small metal or vermeil loop in the earring. Use pliers to open the loop. Then pass a metal or vermeil chain in the loop, then close the loop with the pliers, taking care not to leave a space in which the chain could possibly pass and, therefore, detach from the medallion that you have just made . Thanks to Sylvia Grandperrin's tips, make an original medallion by recycling one of your mismatched earrings. Watch the video How to make an earring a medallion? on Produced by Minute Facile.