Revol: The art of cooking porcelain

Revol: The art of cooking porcelain

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Revol, we know the brand for its small crumpled goblets which we all enjoyed a lot, less for the rest of its collections. The appointment is made to find out what the company specializing in porcelain has to offer us.

Two centuries of tradition

It was Joseph-Marie and François Revol, two brothers, who created the eponymous brand in 1789 after the discovery of a kaolin deposit. Today Revol is the number one in France for culinary porcelain. Originally imagined for professionals and designed in collaboration with Chefs, Revol is increasingly establishing itself as a consumer brand. Made in France in Saint-Uze (Drôme) and 100% thought for all cooking enthusiasts, for 11 generations, qualified and passionate men take turns on the same site to transmit their know-how and love of their profession . Many manufacturing steps are still carried out by hand, for the precision of the gesture and the beauty of the object. A touch of authenticity that belongs only to Revol. Difficult to imagine for the four million products produced each year and yet!

Quality porcelain

Constantly demonstrating technical innovation, creativity, ingenuity and perseverance, the company benefits from an ultra-efficient production tool and highly successful manufacturing process. The ingredients, essential for the manufacture of porcelain, are all selected with the greatest care: clay, quartz, feldspar and kaolin combined in a unique composition called "slip". Revol remains the only French porcelain maker and one of the few in the world to still make its own paste. Originally dedicated to catering, this quality porcelain meets the highest demands. Non-porous, it does not absorb liquids, fats, odors or bacteria, which guarantees perfect hygiene. It is compatible with very high temperatures thanks to cooking at 1320 ° C. It also allows heat to be distributed to the heart of the food for incomparable cooking. And of course, as Revol is a brand rooted in its time, the brand's products go in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

A desire to seduce

The pleasure of creating, the joy of sharing, cooking is experiencing unprecedented interest. Today it is the business of inspired professionals as well as passionate amateurs. All have one thing in common: concern for the good and the beautiful. It's the new fashion: cooking, serving and tasting in a single dish, with your taste buds, with your eyes, combining performance and design. Functional in the kitchen and rewarding at the table, present from aperitif to dessert, indoor or outdoor, the Revol collections combine color and innovation to please the eyes, to cook, to surprise and to share. The latest creation is a real revolution. Indeed, from its name, Revolution, to its technical characteristics through its design, everything is new: a range that lives up to its name. The only porcelain line that can be used in the oven, on gas, induction and in the microwave. A true technological feat, it comes in a very creative line, ranging from casserole dish to tagine dish. It is also very resistant and trendy with its lids which come in a real rainbow of color.

The crumpled collection

Born in 2000 and become cult objects in a few years, the famous Froissés constitute one of the essential collections of Revol. A surprising family of goblets worked in trompe l'oeil. As true design objects, special series are sold all over the world. From the 5 cl mug to the 3 liter champagne bucket, Les Froissés take inspiration from trends to become fashionable. Our practical table decoration videos