Which carpet to choose for a bathroom?

Which carpet to choose for a bathroom?



Answer: a specially adapted polyamide coating.

It can be hard to imagine, but a carpet laid in the bathroom is sometimes the most beautiful effect. It is logically a carpet specially designed for damp rooms. The special bathroom carpet is in fact a covering of synthetic fibers, generally flocked polyamide, placed on a latex backrest, which resists humidity. Manufacturers today offer rot-proof carpets, which can withstand a small (occasional) flood. They are characterized by an amazing drying speed. Tile or strip, the bathroom carpet still requires a room with good ventilation. In all cases, the pictograms on the label indicate what use is indicated for the carpet. So make sure that the one representing the bathroom (a tap) is on the one you choose for your wet room. You too, send us your decoration question video id = "0" / Our practical bathroom videos