The sideboard marks its return

The sideboard marks its return

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A forgotten time, the sideboard marks today its big return in our interiors. At the same time practical, design and decoration, the sideboard offers a great diversity of styles, adapts to all spaces and even adopts the Scandinavian trend. But then why this big return? And why is it so attractive to us? Decryption of the "sideboard phenomenon".

The sideboard dares all styles

Colors, materials, finishes ... The sideboard plays the diversity card to better seduce you. In addition to the classic colors, white and black, at Fly the sideboard is available in a beautiful matte gray, a light blue air but also a bright red. From the finish to the base, through the drawers and the various storage spaces, the choice of materials is vast. Between metal and fiberboard, glossy lacquered or matt lacquered, the sideboard offers multiple possibilities and there is something for everyone. In short, the sideboard really has everything to please.

The sideboard adapts to your interior

A real decorative favorite, the sideboard sideboard adapts to any interior. And yes, not very high and shallow (about 70 cm high by 45 cm deep), the sideboard has a nice length (1 m 50 on average) and allows you to store dishes, tablecloths and other trays. Ideal for dressing a dining room, it also fits very well in a living room to store your books and magazines, and, thus, make room.

The sideboard goes to Scandinavian time

And to satisfy lovers of Nordic style and a Scandinavian atmosphere, the Marcus model is on trend. Deliciously retro, with its light wood veneer, clean lines and neutral, restful colors, Marcus is just as comfortable in a living room or dining room as it is in an office. So it's up to you to choose where it will have the most effect.

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