Which lamp should I use to light a painting?

Which lamp should I use to light a painting?

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Answer: check the lighting temperature and the amount of UV emitted.

The enhancement of a painting requires taking some precautions to prevent it from being damaged. Too much lighting can indeed permanently damage your painting. As in museums, a painting must be lit from above. Today there are inexpensive, easy-to-install panel lighting kits on the market. If the kits are not what you need, you can do it yourself. All types of bulbs exist and each have advantages and disadvantages. The latest on the market, LEDs, have the particularity of not heating. But if the light emitted is too cold, it can in the long run make the colors pass. Some halogen models come with power adapters that you will have to hide. You can also choose between spotlights, the light of which is directed to a specific place in the painting, or the tube which illuminates the entire canvas. It's a matter of taste. You too, send us your decoration question Our practical decoration videos