Extra electric hobs: for small spaces or to take away

Extra electric hobs: for small spaces or to take away

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Whether you are running out of space or need a backup cooking solution, the hotplates and other stoves will come in handy. But far from the simple cast iron plate, today we find models that have everything of a modern kitchen.

Gas hobs: the camping option

If you are camping lost in the middle of nature, electricity can be scarce! Suddenly, it will be necessary to opt for a gas solution by choosing a compact and light gas cylinder which will be easier to transport. You will then get one or two fires which will allow you to cook everything. In the apartments, be aware that gas is sometimes prohibited and that this solution takes up more space than the electric plates because of the bottle.

Electric cast iron plates: the classic option

Electric cast iron hobs are the most widely used auxiliary cooking solutions. They have the advantage of being inexpensive and are available in one or two plates for small spaces. They are easily transported to the campsite and can also be placed on a worktop in a studio to save space. Note that with this type of appliance, the cooking takes a little longer because the plate takes time to heat up. In addition, it is an excellent device for only reheating preparations because the cooking is gentle.

Induction and ceramic hobs: the high tech option

These are the latest in terms of hobs. Not only are they designer, but they are also very effective with rapid cooking and perfectly managed but also easy maintenance. More expensive, they are nevertheless real cooking solutions comparable to conventional cooktops. The free-standing models will take up little space and will blend perfectly into a small kitchen. Our practical cooking videos