Paris: 5 decorative addresses close to Laumière metro

Paris: 5 decorative addresses close to Laumière metro

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At the edge of the largest Parisian park: the Buttes de Chaumont and a 2-minute walk from the Canal de l'Ourcq, the Laumière metro station on line 5 is still little known and yet is full of hidden addresses that deserve although we stop there. Trendy cafes, vintage restaurants, decorative flea markets and specialty stores are now to be discovered!

Hello Kitty specialty store: Esther's Palace

This high decorative place for all fans of Hello Kitty, welcomes you in a real Ali Baba cave dedicated to the smallest Japanese figurine the most famous in the world. All dressed in pink, the store offers a wide choice of items ranging from clothing to accessories, including leather goods and perfume. Open every day except Saturday! 114 avenue Jean Jaurès - 75019 Paris

The vintage café restaurant: Les Chics Types

A newcomer to the neighborhood, the café-restaurant Les Chics Types, which looks like a retro bistro, offers quality food and a pleasant setting for lunch, a drink or dinner with friends. With a vintage decoration, with its concrete walls left rough, its Art Deco lamps and its furniture of sixties inspiration, this pleasant place presents a real decorative intention, in this district in full mutation. Favorite for the terrace! 20 avenue de Laumière - 75019 Paris

The trendy café restaurant: Le Pavillon du Lac

Located in the heart of the Parc des Buttes de Chaumont, the Pavillon du Lac is a pleasant place to meet after a jog for a coffee, with friends for lunch or on Sunday for brunch and relaxation on one of the deckchairs. disposition. This unique and idyllic setting, with a plunging view of Lake Parc, is extended by a large convivial terrace. If the Park is closed, ask the wardens to open you to access the restaurant. Parc des Buttes de Chaumont - 75019 Paris

The decoration flea market: MOHD

The "Manufacture of objects of yesterday for tomorrow" or MOHD offers, as its indicates, a selection of choices of restored antique objects, which evolves according to arrivals. Vintage chairs, industrial lockers, terrestrial globes ... are the stars in this small, narrow shop. The objects are stacked in front and the workshop, located just behind, offers an authentic and charming setting. We love this neighborhood undergoing renovation, both popular, family and boho. 28 rue Bouret - 75019 Paris

The decoration shop for children: Caprices & Comédies

This workshop-style boutique offers trendy creations for children. All the cool little brands for toddlers are gathered. Anne-Claire Petit's knitted soft toys, the adorable Wu & Wu cushions, the jewelry for little girls Rice, the vintage Bakker Made With Love school bags… A 100% crunchy selection of toys, accessories and gift ideas, everyone the prices. Most of the shop: animations like magic tricks or puppet shows are organized twice a month. 92 avenue Jean Jaurès - 75019 Paris
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