The new favorite pattern of cushions: landscapes in the sun!

The new favorite pattern of cushions: landscapes in the sun!

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The cushion is that little nothing that changes everything. It's the touch that gives life to the bed, the sofa, the terrace, the hammock and the picnic. This summer, it proudly displays beautiful sunny landscapes, and plays it postcard! An essential accessory to extend the "vacation" spirit until next season ...

Postcard-style landscapes

Yellow and orange Italian-style houses, the blue roofs of Greece, an oasis in the middle of the desert ... Yes, to light up the summer, nothing like a holiday landscape to dream about! On the indoor or outdoor bench, this little air "from elsewhere" recalls the relaxed atmosphere of the holidays and the desire to escape which particularly wins us in July and August.

Landscapes photographed by us

What if the motif of the cushions was a landscape photographed by us during the holidays? For this, head to the site. The procedure is very simple, we send our postal coordinates accompanied by the snapshot (s) by email from the Instagram application. A few days later, a surprise awaits us in the mailbox: our cushions are there, perfect for creating a change of scenery all year round… Our practical decoration videos