Long live the decorative, chic and ecological "cleaning" sessions!

Long live the decorative, chic and ecological "cleaning" sessions!

Nice stir on the side of brushes, brooms and brushes! Going green, trying their hand at the same time simple and sophisticated design, adopting the most fashionable staging, these accessories get rid once and for all of the ugly, basic and plastic aspect which was attached to them. A trend that motivates us more than ever to complete our "clean house" sessions. Bye-bye Cinderella, we are chic and green ...

Beautiful and eco-friendly accessories

It was last year, at the legendary Maison & Objet trade fair, that the trend for natural and decorative household accessories was launched. Precursor ? Iris Hantverk. Specializing in the design of models based on fibers in horsehair, this Swedish brand revisited our classic brooms, brushes and brushes in a design as Scandinavian as ecological. Beautiful and environmentally friendly. A taste of future household goods? Yes ! The proof with the "household commotion" exhibition that accompanied the opening of the Merci concept store in Paris last April. We discovered many utensils (household, always) not plastic but wood, straw, rope, and other natural materials, exposed as works of art on the walls and ceiling. Precisely, let's talk about staging…

Stylized productions

The way of presenting household accessories also counts to make the "clean up" sessions more trendy, and ultimately, more enjoyable! In a corner of the laundry room or the bathroom, for example, we do not hesitate to have them run on the wall, hanging on discreet nails or pretty coat hooks, in a row for the structured side or in bulk for the unstructured side! Why not also display them in collections on shelves on the wall, and hang the most bulky accessories (brooms, rakes, mops ...) on the ceiling, perfectly aligned? Our practical decoration videos