3 ideas for the decoration of July 14

3 ideas for the decoration of July 14

July 14 is National Day! So to get your interior ready for this special celebration, discover our three easy-to-make ideas. All at low prices!

At the table: the colors of the national holiday

To decorate your festive table, nothing could be simpler, you start by spreading a large white tablecloth in fabric or paper on the table. Then place a table runner by unrolling a strip of blue fabric in the center. Then with a few red paper napkins, which we put on the plates, we refine our table decor. The more manual among us will also be able to fold napkins in the colors of France.

On the walls: a garland of pennants

Again, a pretty garland that takes only a few minutes and glue. We start by cutting triangles out of colored paper. Then, on a transparent nylon thread or a white sewing thread, we glue the triangles in order. We suspend everything and we get flags that set the tone. If you have paper left to create some origami, don't hesitate to hang them too.

In the toilets: we also decorate

Too often forgotten, conveniences are a room like any other. Take care of your decoration until the end. To impress your guests, we play the game right down to the toilet! For example, you can stack the blue, white and red Renova rolls directly on the floor to build a pyramid. With our blue, white and red rollers, we create an optical effect sculpture in the blink of an eye. Our practical table decoration videos