What can we power with a solar panel kit?

What can we power with a solar panel kit?

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Answer: it all depends on its power.

Increasingly in vogue and encouraged by a process of promoting renewable energies, the kits of photovoltaic or thermal solar panels today allow individuals to supply part of their home with electricity or heat. To know the possibilities of your solar panel kit, one criterion must be taken into account: its power. Indeed, depending on the power of your kit, your power supply options will not be the same. For example, a standalone kit producing 250 Wh / day will allow you to power 10 low-energy light bulbs daily for 2 hours, or a 50-watt television for 4 hours. Operations such as recharging the battery of a mobile phone or a computer can also be performed by this type of kit. Much more efficient than this kit of 250 Wh / day, other kits allow to exceed 2000, 3000 or 5000 Wh / day, thus increasing the possibilities of powering electrical devices for much longer periods of time. send us your brico question