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Trend: the glass roof boom

Trend: the glass roof boom

After the completely open spaces, the trend turns to a delimitation of spaces that does not completely partition the rooms. The solution: opt for a canopy that closes the rooms while letting the gaze and therefore the light pass. Zoom on this very decorative tip.

The loft trend as inspiration

It is first of all the loft trend that brought down the partitions and now, it is also that which closes the spaces. This time, we are inspired by artist windows that allow us to optimize the light in a space. At home, we now want the kitchen to remain open to the living room, but we no longer want the smells to mix and the living room to multiply its activities. Also, the canopy appears as the best solution to keep the convivial spirit of open spaces while improving the privacy of each space. And the good news is that this solution also gives a lot of character to your interior.

Standard or tailor-made

To integrate a canopy into your interior, you now have two possibilities. If your project is specific and you want everything to be taken care of by a contractor, the best is to bet on tailor-made even if it can be expensive depending on your work project. In addition, today there are also standard canopies to install yourself to reduce costs at Verrière Atelier d'Artiste. Your canopy is then delivered ready to install with all the holes and cutouts made during manufacturing. Then count from 680 euros for a single canopy with a height of 1.20m. > More info on