In the office… of designer Serge Bensimon

In the office… of designer Serge Bensimon

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He has toured the world several times and it is no coincidence that one fine morning he went from fashion to objects and then to art and literature without giving up on the way. Unable to resist an encounter, Serge Bensimon touches everything. The last object of his insatiable curiosity, the Resource paintings. Result: a range of solar colors that evoke the light of Mexico.

Cult tennis shoes, the Bensimon

Around the world, we know his tennis shoes, which have become icons that we simply call Bensimon. The one who launched them with his brother Yves, more than 25 years ago, did not stop there. From these finds in the military surpluses were born collections then accessories, and finally decoration. Serge Bensimon is a creator in the broad sense of the term. Meeting him is not so simple, because the gentleman is always up and down. When he is in Paris, he continues to multiply and for good reason. Her boutiques, Autour du monde and Home Autour du monde are her babies. He looks at them closely. Now there is also the Gallery which exhibits and publishes artists and also the Artazar bookstore. In short, what to take care of.

An office where decoration talks about travel

Serge Bensimon's office? It all depends on the visitor, because he settles in both the showroom and the press area. In fact, there are two. An official, in which he receives, and then the real where he finds his whole team. "Creation is a moment of sharing," he says. This is all the more true in his case, as he acknowledges having become a sort of conductor, moving from one project to another. In this large space, bathed in light, are scattered here and there extravagant, funny objects that are part of his life, like his motorcycle, which he rides every day by the freight elevator. "I don't have any favorite items," he says. "There are just things that make me think of stories."

Resource paintings seen by Bensimon

The stories that are told to him or those that happen to him are often the source of his collections. For the paint range, for example, everything started from the Bensimon store in Lyon, located opposite Ressource. "For the walls, I chose the colors from them, but I slightly modified them by adding black. The artistic director of the brand came to the store one day, intrigued by the tones he did not recognize. he liked it and Ressource asked me to imagine a range.

Around the world the weather is good all year round

To define the Bensimon style, we must first speak of travel. No collection is born without a reference to a people, a landscape or a light. Returning from the United States, he leaves for Hong Kong and will probably stop somewhere else in between. The concept of "Around the World" shops was born from this shaky idea with an idea which, at the time, was completely revolutionary: "there is no more season". This is a good reason to offer parkas such as swimsuits, tennis shoes and coats in boutiques. Add to that pieces of furniture made with the Amish - following a journey of course - and the Bensimon brand began its irresistible rise.

5 objects dear to Serge Bensimon