Scoubidou furniture comes into play

Scoubidou furniture comes into play

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Appreciated by generations of children for creating figurines or objects, scoubidous resurface in our daily lives. Used in the 1950s for the composition of certain pieces of furniture, they find a legitimate place in our decor.

Simple sons who made history

Besides the famous cartoon dog, the scoubidou is none other than a very resistant resin wire, which exists in colors as varied as red, neon pink, grass green or lemon yellow. By different playful braiding techniques, it is possible to offer these long threads, incredible and original shapes.

The scoubidou decor is not new

The decor just appropriated it in the 50s. So in search of new modern materials to replace wood and textiles, plastic has become a master in furniture and objects. Chairs, magazine racks, mirrors, armchairs are made of scoubidou wire and provoke a strong reaction in homes.

A welcome style in a trendy decor

With the advent of Fifties decoration, scoubidou furniture is back in the decor. At Maison du Monde, you will find a choice of colorful baskets and armchairs that can be installed both in the garden and in the living room. Second-hand sales sites relay this style perfectly. Renovated by specialists, they are like new to find a second life at home.