Ecology is a hit

Ecology is a hit

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Among the ecological furniture, the cardboard furniture is particularly attractive because in addition to being more environmentally friendly, it is very original and allows new proposals. In addition, anyone can become a designer of cardboard furniture. What adopt the cardboard without hesitation.

The cardboard furniture boom

In the search for materials to make ecological furniture, cardboard quickly established itself. Indeed, this material makes it possible to produce fully recyclable and biodegradable furniture while being very resistant. In addition, the cardboard which is used as a base for the furniture can often be already recycled itself or it can simply be recovered in mass retailing in order to recycle waste in an upcycling approach. In short, cardboard has everything good and even its design because furniture can take original forms while remaining light and cheaper than wooden furniture.

The homemade cardboard furniture

And if you can easily customize the cardboard furniture that you find in some stores, you can also start creating cardboard furniture. The operation is quite simple provided you are patient because it will take you several days (from 4h to 35h) because the drying times can be very long. To get started, you will find the basics of building cardboard furniture on but you can also help you many books on the subject. In the book 'The workshop of Fificartoon "for example, you will not only find the list of necessary materials, the basic techniques as well as ideas of realization to create your own furniture.