What you need to know before opening a roof window

What you need to know before opening a roof window

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Arranging the attic first and foremost involves opening one or more windows. But before taking action, a little reading is essential! To find out the constraints they incur, the specificities to which they are subject and the different typologies of models existing on the market, it's here!

Request for prior authorization from the town hall

When considering bringing natural light under a roof without openings, undertaking administrative procedures is one the first step. Indeed, as soon as the exterior appearance of a house is modified, a request for a prior declaration of work must be submitted to the town hall. It must respect certain viewing distances, straight and or oblique to possible neighbors, in order to be accepted.

The importance of external concealment

Because they are more exposed to weather, light, cold, heat, break-ins and noise, roof windows involve more "protection" than a conventional window. In other words, they imply a good external concealment system. Motorized shutters, which are very practical and comfortable to operate, are particularly valued in that they reinforce thermal insulation, in that they form a barrier against noise from rain or hail, and in that that they make access from outside to inside more difficult. A good point in terms of security!

The different types of opening

Once the first two constraints have been taken into account, it is time to get down to business: choose the type of window you plan to install. The two main alternatives? Rotation openings and projection openings. The peculiarity of the first is that it tilts in its center to open towards the inside (upper or lower part depending on the model) of the room. A system that we choose for its comfortable and secure handling, and because it provides nearly 50% more light compared to a traditional window. But the most important thing to know is that this opening, known as rotation, is particularly suitable for "steep" roof slopes (between 15 ° and 90 °). Projection roof windows open outward precisely "by projection". Their advantage: do not clutter the interior of the attic, unlike the previous system and offer a beautiful panoramic view. Note that this type of operation is ideal for roofs with a slight slope (from 15 ° to 55 °) and that if you want to maximize the brightness, you just have to place the window higher in the roof provided the choose with a handle fixed on its lower part (to be easily accessible)!

The number of openings

The number of openings depends on the size of the attic. However, some rules are good to know. For example, it is better to favor two small windows than a large one. This allows to distribute the lighting for a more balanced and harmonious rendering and as a bonus, this choice improves the ventilation of the room…