Thank you, the trendy home decor store working for a good cause

Thank you, the trendy home decor store working for a good cause

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Which Parisian follower of decoration does not know Thank you? Selection of unusual but chic design, clever mix of fashion pieces and trendy restaurant / bar area, this concept store nestled in the heart of the Haut Marais, has everything a captivating and trendy place. Not to mention that the turnover makes it possible to finance educational projects abroad! But the good news of the day is that 4 years after its creation and meteoric rise, the store has just launched its website. A way to be now accessible to provincials and to all those who would like to wander around without leaving their home. Or the opportunity to discover the pretty history of this brand to which we say thank you.

How it all began

At the start, there are the creators of Bonpoint, Marie-France and Bernard Cohen. Together, they had created, in 1975, the luxury clothing brand for children. 32 years later, in 2007, they sold the one which, fortified by its success, ensured their days and made nearly 80 jobs fruitful. But the two entrepreneurs needed more to stop. Driven by the conviction that Paris, a place bringing together the best in fashion and the design / home universe, was missing, in 2009, they founded a concept store called Merci. Based on Boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris, in a former wallpaper factory of 1,500 m2 spread over 3 floors with glass roof and paved courtyard, the place is already worthy of its future success.

A store with an endowment background

We only told you the starting point. Because the main feature of Merci is that it is not a traditional commercial enterprise. The name Merci is actually a way of thanking buyers. Why ? Because they actually feed an endowment fund. This is the bet that Marie-France and Bernard Cohen have set, fortified by their experience and success with Bonpoint: building a new project close to their hearts, with the sole aim of serving the cause of children around the world. Admirable. As for the first actions, it is in favor of education and development projects in the southwest of Madagascar (construction of schools, school canteens, etc.) that the duo wished to participate. Namely, more than 300,000 € paid in 3 years. In short, a great charitable success!

A fine selection from various universes

To finance such pretty projects, the store still has to run well. No problem. With already more than 70 permanent jobs and a rain of Parisians in stores each week, the brand quickly found its audience. All this thanks to a well-established basic concept: that of a great mix of genres and styles, small and big prices, decoration and fashion, all carefully sorted to address young people as well. quest for fun and quirkiness only for more mature people looking for sophisticated rare pearls. Mocking traditional codes that tend to stick a label to each type of store, Merci advocates a highly qualitative melting pot. Vintage furniture rubs shoulders with pieces from small designers, timeless limited series, emerging brands from well-known brands. Without forgetting the fifteen exhibitions / events punctuating the year around a scenography, a theme, a trend. After all, thanks to its shopping selections, Merci, also has a real vocation as a trendsetter… All you have to do is take a look at the brand new store site to finish succumbing to it:


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