Should I apply a tack paint before gluing PVC strips?

Should I apply a tack paint before gluing PVC strips?

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Answer: no, but a tack paint offers better adhesion for PVC boards.

The installation of PVC strips is very simple and very practical, hence the success of this material. There are several techniques for applying PVC, and the glued installation in question here is certainly the one that offers the best adhesion to the support. So it is not compulsory to apply an adhesion primer, in this case a tack paint, before gluing your PVC strips. As often, it depends on the nature and quality of the support. If the support is waterproof or too spongy, the adhesion primer will be useful to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the PVC strips. Otherwise, in the majority of cases, this operation will not be really useful. If in doubt, call a professional in the sector who will advise you. You too, send us your brico question