I put a sliding gate

I put a sliding gate

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Here is a good opportunity to do some exercise: install a sliding gate! Indeed, in addition to the weight of the gate itself, it will be necessary to drill and screw in concrete, which is not always easy. A good dose of know-how and the help of a few friends are necessary for this operation! The installation of this portal will require a good half-day of work.

Step 1 - I gather my tools

Installing a sliding gate requires fairly heavy tools: drill, screwdriver, grinder, hacksaw and possibly a welding device. I plan all the protections (shoes, gloves ...), as well as a tracing kit and other tools such as a hammer, keys, a clamp, a brush. The screws and dowels used are 8.

Step 2 - I take the measurements

I first check the flatness of my floor between the pillars and the level of the latter, two elements that condition everything else. Then I measure the location of the rails and mark their axis on the ground using a tracing rope. I then place my first rail. Accompanied by other arms, I can already place the gate to check its axis for the first time as well as that of the following.

Step 3 - I fix the rails on the ground

Once the first rail is installed, I fix it by drilling the concrete on the ground with an adequate drill bit. I peg with my hammer and I screw. I place the second rail in line with the first, and so on. If the gate is not custom-made, I may have to cut the last rail to the correct length.

Step 4 - I install the guide rail

The first pillar, on the opening side, will accommodate the guide of my portal. I hold it with a clamp, adjust it to the top of the gate and mark the fixing holes. I remove the assembly to drill again and fix the guide.

Step 5 - I fix the stops

On the second pillar, I use the same method to fix a stopper. I also install a stop post at the end of the rails: mine comes to rest on the ground and I proceed in the same way as for screwing the rails. After each operation, I think well to check the levels. In my case, I still need to put a metal stopper at the top end of my gate and to do this I need to weld it.

Step 6 - I place my portal

Everything was done according to the rules, it only remains for me to definitively place my gate on its rails, on the ground as on its guide rail. I can have some adjustments to make on the latter. Given the weight, the help of one or two friends is essential. I note one last time that the levels are good and release my brand new portal by sliding it. I chose an electric gate, so I just have to wait for the specialist to come by. If my gate had been manual, I would have had a last step to perform, put in place the accessories such as the handle.