Survey looks at Europeans' report to the garden

Survey looks at Europeans' report to the garden

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Unep landscape companies and the Ipsos institute took an interest in the relationship of the French to the garden but also that of the Europeans. The study is entitled "Gardens and green spaces, the French cultural exception?" And reveals our visions of the garden in France, Germany, England and Spain. A quick overview of the survey results in 4 questions.

Who owns a garden?

If the garden is one of the two rooms of the house preferred by the French, the Spanish and the Germans, it is nevertheless the English who are the most numerous to have a garden. In fact, 89% of the English (9 out of 10) have a private or shared garden, while the French are 69% and the Germans 65% or 7 out of 10. The Spanish are only 34% to have a garden. It should be noted that in all countries, the garden is mainly found in individual houses rather than in collective housing. It should also be noted that the proximity of a green space is also an important factor in choosing where to live, since 7 out of 10 Europeans take this into account in their criteria for selecting accommodation.

Who benefits most from the garden among Europeans?

Contrary to what one might think, it is not those who are most likely to have a garden who benefit the most! On the contrary, the English who are better off only benefit from their garden when the weather allows it at 62% against 78% for the Germans. And it is the French who stand out since they benefit from the garden at 82% when the weather permits. In France, the tendency to enjoy the garden mainly corresponds to those under 45, while in Germany, followers are over 45 and in the United Kingdom over 55. For its part, Spain has no difference between age groups and the garden reconciles all generations.

What is the interest of the garden for Europeans?

Not all nationalities enjoy the garden for the same reasons! Indeed, for the French, the garden is above all good for the environment, while the Germans, usually the champions of ecology, and the Spanish see it rather as a place of conviviality and sharing with friends. Among the English, where the gardens are numerous, it is another thing since they are in the majority to think that the gardens are made for leisure alone or with the family but many (20%) see only a decorative interest .

Who appeals to landscape gardeners?

Again, the numbers are surprising! If the French are those who love the garden the most, they are also the ones who use the least a landscape professional to take care of their space with only 9% of them who have already used a pro. In the other European countries, however, they are 13% in Germany, 18.5% in the United Kingdom and 30.5% in Spain. We note that it is the English seniors who mainly appeal to gardeners while among the Germans it is rather the under 45s and in Spain the active from 34 to 55 years.


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