How to treat the recovered rainwater?

How to treat the recovered rainwater?



Answer: the treatment depends on the use we give to rainwater.

Rainwater can be collected for consumption after undergoing treatment. Rainwater is better than spring water, since it does not come into contact with limestone rocks, it does not load mineral salts. However, it can contain bacteria, particles or organic matter. The treatment of rainwater depends on the use that we want to give to this rainwater. If you plan to use it for W-Cs or the washing machine, you don't need to treat the water. For the bathroom or the shower, it is not necessary to treat it but it should not be drunk. If rainwater is intended for watering and gardening, it is not useful to treat it. On the other hand, if the water is intended for cooking and drinking, then you will have to use a UV sterilizer with activated carbon filtration. There are two types of sterilizers. If it is to be used for the whole house, you will need to install a drinking water station. If it is used for a specific point in the house, a small UV sterilizer under the sink will be sufficient. You too, send us your brico question