I put a metal fence on a cover

I put a metal fence on a cover

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Realizable by a good handyman, the installation of a metal fence around his house requires a certain know-how and ... a lot of patience. The help of one or two people is also necessary.

Step 1 - I gather tools and materials

The installation of my fence will require the use of a grinder, so I do not embark on this realization if I do not know how to use it. I am also thinking of bringing adequate shoes, gloves, a mask and protective glasses. I will also need many tools: meter, chisel, hammer, pliers, spirit level, trowel, brush. In terms of materials, I obviously need metal panels and their posts, but also quick-setting concrete. I don't forget two buckets, a sponge and water.

Step 2 - I measure and I cut

Depending on the length of my fence panels, I measure the spacing between the posts and trace in pencil on the cover of the 10 cm square squares. I cut the cover with a grinder around these squares which represent the location of my posts. This operation requires precision.

Step 3 - I dig an opening

It is out of the question to use a drill or any other mechanical tool to make a hole here: the vibrations could cause the cover and / or the concrete rubble underneath to burst. I bring myself a chisel and a hammer to make the opening intended to accommodate a pole and this on a height of 15 to 20 cm. When it is made, the brush is used to return the debris to the hole made.

Step 4 - I place the posts

I make at least two openings before installing the first posts, vertically. This is where the help of other people starts to be very useful! I check the verticality at the bubble level and can then start to place my mesh panels. If my wall follows a curve, I do not hesitate to twist my grid so that it follows it before putting it in place.

Step 5 - I install my panels

The panels are fixed between two posts. The system is quite simple, they are clipped at the desired height using pliers, at the rate of two metal clips per post.

Step 6 - I fix the whole

After placing wooden poles on both sides to hold the assembly and making the last checks at level, it is time to fix my fence by filling the hole around the poles with concrete. For this I use quick setting concrete (5 minutes!), But when preparing it I can add sand to it to delay drying, if I am not sure of myself. I pour the concrete into the hole using my trowel. I immediately clean the excess with a damp sponge.

Step 7 - I renew the operation

All you have to do is ... repeat the operation along my wall!


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