How to repaint the interior of kitchen cupboards?

How to repaint the interior of kitchen cupboards?

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Question from Martine:

white outside the dark oak furniture of my kitchen by a professional. Unfortunately, the interior of the cupboards which is in laminate is not taken into account in the work of the painter. It therefore remains brown and that shocks me. The painter advises me not to paint it because the rubbing of the dishes and others does not end up chipping the paint after a certain time. Is there a method to paint the interior of these boxes and what products should be used to be sure of a good long-term result? Thank you for helping me. >>

Answer: paint and paste a white coating

Hello Martine, I advise you to finalize the renovation of your closets by also painting them inside. To avoid rubbing the dishes on the shelf, you can place or paste a white or transparent coating, slightly padded, which will prevent it from rubbing and wearing off the paint. As with exterior doors, you will need to apply a bonding underlayment upstream of the two coats of paint. This special melamine undercoat will keep your paint over time. You too, send us your decoration question


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