How to renovate a wooden balcony?

How to renovate a wooden balcony?

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Answer: it is a protection against humidity and attacks by fungi.

A wooden terrace, especially in teak, requires little maintenance. But cleaning should be done well to prevent the balcony from becoming slippery or eaten away by fungi. Starting in the spring, regularly sweep the wet brush with a little soapy water. Swipe in the direction of the wood. Then rinse with plenty of water. Finally dry with a mop. Standing water can rot the wood over time. You can wash with high pressure water. But in this case, do not pass the jet within 50 cm of the wood. Wrought iron balcony furniture is not recommended, as it can leave traces that are difficult to remove. Every five years, maintain your terrace by stripping it and then ironing a layer of oil, stain or microporous paint. Also, don't forget to end up with an anti-fungus and anti-insect product. This last gesture will prevent your balcony from being rotted by larvae or the appearance of moss. You too, send us your DIY question.