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. White stool The QTI stool is a custom wooden stool. Minimalist but visually stimulating, this creation by Peter KRAFT for L'EDITO is particularly harmonious. Simple and with an intelligent structure, QTI is a piece of furniture in its own right and goes beyond the usual characteristics of the stool, a practical object for example. Soon available in many colors, it is now available in oiled oak, white laminate and black laminate. feature Furniture entirely designed in birch plywood Structure without screws or nails (to be assembled yourself) Wood from sustainably managed forests Furniture made in France The EDITORIAL Design white lacquered coffee table GISSY opening trays Design sofa bed Rapido Gray HAMILTON WIL White designer sideboard ERWIN concrete design TV cabinet MILIBOO PODD design armchair The PODD armchair by GREEN SOFA is a sublime, all-round seat that exudes comfort and relaxation. Designed by Iranian designer Sahar FAMOURI, the PODD armchair features organic lines and a very surprising CIMENT / PRUNE bi-color shade… THE PELICAN


. The parquet which was laid for the show is a 3 frieze oak parquet, swamp shade. It is positioned in floating installation with our revolutionary EASIKLIP system. It allows optimum maintenance and stability of the blades between them. You can find our EASIKLIP product range on our website as well as in certain retail chains. It is available in several finishes. The most produced: - simplicity of installation - speed of installation - stability and originality of the product - Its price - installation without glue - Unique system and adapted to individuals NORTH MOLDINGS Tel: 03 20 87 07 47 VALDO Gray Shaggy Rug 160 x 230 cm MILIBOO


. Shakti 200 floor lamp Kundalini white Table lamp Crystal TL1 ideal lux Diam 320 x H 570 mm / ref. 32276 CRYSTAL TL1 E27 60w Pixel Kundalini wall lamp W42 x H 51 x D 10 cm E14 12W x2 Woody slamp floor lamp purple 42,5 x 160 h210 cm E27 100W DESIGN DEPARTMENT PARIS Villeroy & Boch lamp The PARIS lamp is signed by Villeroy & Boch. This series of lamps with elegant and charming shapes perfectly reflects the character of the French capital… THE PELICAN Floor lamp Ariel H 35,5 60 W Cloud gray COLORS, an exclusive brand of Castorama


. 3 Tables: Digigraphy on Chacha by Iris canvas: - Butterfly02 in 80x80, - Galante02 in 60x90 - Sunset02 in 60x90 CONTEMPORARY WORKSHOP Tate mirror Ø 76 CASTORAMA Mural : Dulux Valentine paint - Color cream - WHITE Dulux Valentine paint - Color cream - MYRTILLE Dulux Valentine Architect paint - Smooth concrete effect - PRUNE Dulux Valentine Architect paint - Concrete wax DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range, only for sale at Leroy Merlin Premium masking with very fine precision for perfectly sharp edges. For long-term indoor and outdoor painting work. - Removes without leaving a trace up to 5 months after installation indoors - Solvent-free - Mainly made with renewable raw materials - For painting work requiring high precision - Compatible with all paints - Type of adhesive mass: acrylic (Yellow and Blue); natural rubber (Pink) - Support: paper TESA


. Extensible silver ball kit L380 Gray gray faux fur cushion 40 x 40 cm / FZMU01 Coloria gray microfiber cushion 40 x 40 xm / ABUU01 Cushion Fantasia Plum 40 cm / FKQU01 Lignato Plum Cushion 40 cm / A1PU01 Gray grommet curtain 140 x H 260 C4YU0 EMINZA


. NEW WAVE 30 plate This set of 4 NEW WAVE presentation plates is signed by Villeroy & Boch. Your creativity will have no limits. The products combine freely with each other to create a new atmosphere every day on your table ... MODERN GRACE STERNWARE red wine glass This batch of MODERN GRACE STERNWARE red wine glasses is by Villeroy & Boch and features an elegant and refined design… MODERN GRACE STERNWARE water glass This MODERN GRACE STERNWARE water glass has a superb crystalline glass base. They are matched with the eponymous wine glasses… Spoon PIEMONT Villeroy & Boch This set of 6 Piemont spoons is part of the Villeroy & Boch collection! Contemporary dishwasher guaranteed PIEMONT Villeroy & Boch fork This set of 6 Piemont forks is part of the Villeroy & Boch collection! Contemporary dishwasher guaranteed PIEMONT knife Villeroy & Boch This set of 6 Piemont knives is part of the Villeroy & Boch collection. Contemporary dishwasher guaranteed Dessert spoon PIEMONT Villeroy & Boch This set of 6 Piemont dessert spoons is part of the Villeroy & Boch collection. Contemporary dishwasher guaranteed THE PELICAN


. Bells MFF720006 Bells MFF720007 OHG410022 vase OHG410023 vase Soliflores CNE400018 Soliflores CNE400016 Soliflores CNE400017 COMING B NEW COTTAGE vase n ° 2 We love this NEW COTTAGE Villeroy & Boch vase. It has a slender shape and will highlight any flower… NEW COTTAGE Vase Decorate your interior with this sublime NEW COTTAGE Villeroy & Boch Vase. Discover this magnificent crystal vase… Vase NEK SOFT RASPBERRY Villeroy & Boch 70cm This NEK SOFT RASBERRY vase has a beautiful height of 70cm and a gradient pink color. An object that will surely be noticed in your decor! NUMA sweet caramel vase 34cm This NUMA SWEET CARAMEL vase has a delicious color that will go well in all interior styles. It is added to the new collection of vases which allows classic and stylish decorations… KIMA Artic Breeze Vase 30cm The KIMA ARTIC VILLEROY & BOCH vase has a pretty curved curve. With its resolutely modern look, it will blend perfectly into design and contemporary interiors… NEK SOFT RASPBERRY Vase Discover this superb NEK SOFT RASPBERRY Vase that will bring a touch of nature and color to your interior… VILLEROY & BOCH vase VILLEROY & BOCH offers a superb collection of modern and design vases. A wide choice of products to accessorize your decor! THE PELICAN The candles : G26123 GloLite by Partylite Glazed Fruit Candle Pots P95308 Aromatherapy Tranquility & Vitality Gift Set P90385 Candle Holder 3 Wicks Holiday Charm S65454 Candle 3 Wicks Vanilla Sweetness G34249 Candle Jar 3 Wicks Vanilla & Lemon VO4454 Sweet Candles Vanilla Sweetness G4382 Cherry Pot Black PARTYLITE