Interview with architect Cyril Rheims, specializing in small spaces

Interview with architect Cyril Rheims, specializing in small spaces

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With the price per square meter having reached record levels, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find accommodation with a decent area. A plague which particularly affects large cities. To counteract this problem, calling on an architect is a solution that allows you to ingeniously think about the living space, while giving added value to your property. Immediately discover the advice of Cyril Rheims, an architect specializing in small spaces.

More and more topical, is there a specialization for small spaces in schools of architecture?

In my day, we didn't talk about it, but it was 10 years ago!

So how do you find yourself specializing in small areas?

By force of circumstances ! I started with my apartment. As a first-time buyer in Paris, I was able to acquire a 50m2 property and since I was the owner, I was able to do what I wanted. This first achievement greatly pleased my entourage. Word of mouth worked well, add to that a few press releases, the effect snowballed and my career was launched!

Could you give us 2/3 ideas to properly organize a small space?

What I use in my creations is the multiplication of functions. For example, a simple storage cube also serves as a step which also serves as a seat. Likewise I like to open up spaces and play with transparency, like in a loft! But always having the possibility of finding privacy thanks to blackout blinds. One thus has the impression of having a large bathroom, a large kitchen and a large living room… Likewise, I also use zoning without borders. That is to say that we mark living spaces in one piece by the different use of materials on the ground.

What are the pitfalls to avoid when you want to develop a small space?

The partitioning and plenty of furniture to store! In fact, a balance has to be found between voids and fulls. What you gain on one side, you lose on the other. For example in one of my creations for a small apartment in the Marais, the safe to put in the microwave had repercussions in the bathroom just behind. Everything was played to the nearest centimeter! So much so that the slightest error would not have allowed the owner to access the shower. In fact I sculpt the space so that everything fits together. And it's all about balance!

Is it expensive to hire an architect?

For a small area, the design of the space and the monitoring of works amount to around 8000 euros, or almost the price of a square meter in Paris. But in addition to having saved precious square meters by arranging the space, you can count on a capital gain, at the time of the resale or rental of your property, with the favorite effect because you have of an apartment designed in the rules and in an optimized way. Kiarchitecture