Even the doorstops are decorative!

Even the doorstops are decorative!

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In decoration, having attention to detail is a wise habit. Because using the most minimal elements in favor of a more sophisticated decoration is a talent that not everyone is trying to exploit ... wrongly! Because after all, as in fashion or in the culinary world, it's always nothing that makes the difference: a nice long necklace, a sauce apart ... and in decoration, why not a wedge door! The following trio, 3 looks, 3 styles, won all the votes…


First crush on decorative doorstops? The "James the Doorman" model by Black & Blum in synthetic rubber. If he is ranked number 1 on our shopping list, it is because the determination of this sturdy miniature gentleman to keep the door open, we literally fall for it. Add to this a variation of colors in shades of blue, green, red, black and orange, and we buy it without further ado!


Our quest for the unusual also pushes us to get carried away for a model that literally makes fun of codes in favor of surprise and daring. His look ? That of a (fake) gold ingot, more precisely of an ingot in aluminum, cast iron, mild steel plated-flashed gold. In any case, the visual illusion is almost flawless. His place of discovery? The Fleux store!


A decoration in every detail, but with aesthetic details? Okay. At Pa Design, the door stopper "The Ooob" meets these desires. His secret? A steel structure covered with a layer of silicone. But above all, lines and curves as fluid as they are clean, all for a chic and sober look. On the color side, we have the choice to adapt HIS version of the design in black, gray, red or pink!