Les Misérables inspires us with literary decor

Les Misérables inspires us with literary decor

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On February 13, Les Misérables, with Hugh Jackman, Rusell Crowe and Anne Hathaway among others, will be released in our dark rooms. But before discovering this adaptation on the big screen, we immerse ourselves in the work of Victor Hugo to inject a literary style into our interior decoration…

Stickers version quotes

A little poetry in this world of brutes! Several decorative adhesive signs were inspired by Victor Hugo's books to draw a few quotes… diverted into stickers. Thus, on the stickerz.fr site, you can write on your wall: "we can dream everything, you exceed the dream" and on mandellia.fr: "the dream is the aquarium of the night". Without going through the author of Les Misérables, we can also count on the "Poetic wall" stickers of the Prédeau to initiate a literary attitude between sentences, verses, stanzas or chapters, on our vertical decoration!

Furniture and decoration staged from books

After the stickers, it is by diverting books into decorative objects that our interior reveals its literary inclination. There are many ideas to take. We build, for example, an extra shelf with simple piles of old books topped with planks of medium (see the step by step video: here). We can also transform works into purely decorative trinkets, by putting them under a bell, or by connecting several of them using a ribbon or raffia before laying them flat. Another possibility? Cut the pages of a manual or a novel intended to be thrown away to form a recovered and unusual wall decor…