Cubes all over the kitchen

Cubes all over the kitchen

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In the kitchen, the decorative lines were rounded to offer us a friendly and warm space. But now: goodbye roundness, square to optimize the space and offer an ultra modern decor to the whole kitchen. Zoom on the cube trend of the kitchen, from decoration to home appliances.

Why the cube?

Wondering why kitchen objects take on the appearance of a cube? It's a question of renewal! The round and reassuring lines give way to the very clean lines of a decoration which aims above all to be ultra functional to optimize the space. On the home appliance side, the cube is more compact and therefore makes it possible to optimize the work plan or even stack the equipment, suddenly the decor of the whole room also follows the movement and adopts the square.

The cube decoration!

With the cube-like novelties, you will have no trouble bringing this shape into your kitchen. And especially on the side of the household appliances! It is in this area that the lines take the most radical side with compact and very refined devices to stack or slide between two other accessories. Citrus juicers, pressure cookers or coffee machines set the tone for the room. Then, it is on the accessories side that it happens with everyday objects that go into "cube" mode such as salt and pepper shakers, mortars, measuring instruments or even pastry cutters. And to go all the way, replace your wall shelves with lockers to store your accessories!