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. 1 single bed with 1 drawer 120 cm chrome legs EXCITINGCA7985 / 051 fabric headboard DECOSOM Set of 2 KALYA Blue Transparent Design Chairs MILIBOO Tam-Tam KRYSTAL blue stool The Tam Tam KRYSTAL blue Stool is more than a stool, it's a way of life, fun, simple as its creator Henry MASSONNET wanted… THE PELICAN For office production: 1 DESKTOP in frosted TEMPERED glass ref ENCA28 GENCOD x 298755 1 pair of black architect trestles ref: CAB005 // gencod X257035 4 lockers with a SLATE PAINT FAÇADE door Ref: DMPUER // gencod X497707 3 lockers 3 slate PAINT FAÇADE Ref : DMCAJO3 // GENCOD X497691 4 compartments 2 drawers Ref: DMCAJO-2 // gencod X499763 2 ref: BLOC-5X1 gencod X499794: BLOCK 5 MINI DRAWERS PLAQUE MASSIF 2 ref: BLOC - 3x2 gencod X 499770: BLOC 3X2 SOLID PINE ASTIGARRAGA For the manufacture of a piece of furniture with plexi shelves: 4 plexi panels ref: 51361 3 mm // 1.81 mx 0.345 m 4 plexi panels ref: 56362 3 mm // 1.81 mx 0.345 m 4 plexi panels ref: 54881 3 mm // 1.81 mx 0.345 m 1 panel in plexiglass ref: 56362 of 3 mm // 30 cm x 30 cm WEBER METALS & PLASTICS


. Cornette Wall Light Aluminum Blue TSE & TSE ASSOCIATED SLLOV OCTOPUS lamp The OCTOPUS SLLOV design lamp is made of transparent acrylic glass, shaped by hand! A real sculpture that will bring a touch of modernity to your interior ... THE PELICAN 2 Telesto black floor lamps COLORS Manon black desk lamp COLORS chrome Lodge table lamp COLORS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA 2 Table lamps Carme H 46 9 W Rust CASTORAMA


. Machine Singer Experience 160 MC electronic 30 points Features and functions: - 2 automatic buttonholes - 30 stitch programs - Automatic needle threader - Direct stitch selection - Adjustable stitch length and width - Simplified bobbin winding (drop and sew system) SINGER


. Sanding and renovation of floors using the Parquet sander, Bordeuse and monobrush equipped with a multi heads tray. Use of a new abrasive which is based on ceramic BONA France Ste BONA - 29/33 Avenue de Walwein - 93100 Montreuil


. Duvet cover silver stars 140 x 200 cm TAFTAN and its pillowcase 60 x 70 cm THE LITTLE ZEBRE 1 curtain with BLACK tafta eyelets 1 cushion52 x 52 Black tafta 1 cushion 52 x 52 turquoise tafta 1 cushion 52 x 52 gray tafta 1 cushion 52 x 52 navy tafta HEYTENS


. HEAD Ultramarine Collection Wallpaper THE LITTLE SHOP MOONSTONE SILVER mosaic mirror DRAWER Facebook: // zuiver Facebook: // Paintings : Painting "HIGH-TECH spider web" by the artist MAX made to measure in 50 x 50 in plexiglass Table "Lorraine 2 plant colors" by the sad Patrick made to measure in 40 x 60 in plexiglass "Umbrella" painting by artist Junnyphotography custom made in 40 x 60 in plexiglass MY-ART.COM Tables creator Find more than 200,000 creations on is the online store selling modern paintings and original designs. Create your custom painting by choosing the design, size, and finish (plexiglass, alu-dibond or canvas) either from our gallery of more than 30,000 works, or from your photo files or creations. French made. Find the whole selection of M6déco paintings. Mural : Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Absolute Mat - COSMOS Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Absolute Mat - SILICE Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Absolute Mat - BLANC INTENSE Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Absolute Matt - OR BLACK DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin Masking tape for delicate surfaces. Suitable for wallpapers and freshly painted surfaces. - Light adhesion - Specially designed for use on delicate surfaces:
• Freshly painted surface - Removes without a trace for up to 2 weeks of indoor use - Compatible with all water-based paints - Suitable for most surfaces - Type of adhesive mass: acrylic Support: slightly creped paper TESA


. Vase 39cm BEAUTY sky blue BEAUTY is a sublime sky blue vase - made by the German manufacturer LEONARDO - which features sensual and refined curves. This vase will allow you to present your most beautiful flowers and will also serve as a tealight holder. BEAUTY 50cm sky blue vase The BEAUTY 50cm vase is signed by Leonardo, a German manufacturer, which offers collections of vases with original shapes and exceptional quality… THE PELICAN 1 rd shiny blue earthenware vase JHA410298 1 blue osmosis vase JHA410298 3 white / blue / gray acrylic soliflores HW1499002 1 blue Abysse vase PM YQH400031 1 Abysse blue GM vase YQH400028 8 ZBN730013 fifties jars 6 Jars of spices ZBN730005 4 wide rd jars with black lid ZBI730048 4 rd mini GM jars with GRAY cover ZBI730048 COMING B 1 box of 24 half buckets in metal Fine watercolor by Pébéo. 1 Studio XL Oil bamboo Starter box: 8 assorted colors 20ml, 1 75ml colorless medium to paint, 1 beautiful flat white bristle brush n ° 6, 1 palette. 1 Set of neon Setaskrib felts. 1 Setaskrib marker case. 1 box of extra fine T7 Gouache. 24 Gouache Studio tubes in 100ml or 220ml PEBEO Zippers, sewing needles, dressmaker's pin, safety pins, knitting needle, meter centimeter, tissue paper for patterns, bobbin for singer machine, sewing magnets, thimbles, needle threaders… All kinds of buttons, a dozen balls of wool, large spools of sewing thread ... 1 "Venus luxury" sewing mannequin size A SEW / EMBROIDER / KNIT Your haberdashery online 1 pair of universal scissors 9959 1 pair of Classic orange scissors 1 pair of scissors for avanti tailors 9965 1 scissor sharpener 9600D 1 multifunction tool 1350 1 precision cutter 6711 1 precision index cutter 1352 1 precision index cutter with swivel blade 4147 Replacement blades 4148 Replacement blades 9601 1 rotary cutter 9511P 1 acrylic ruler 8733 1 acrylic ruler 8732 1 cutting mat 8371 FISKARS // Mail: [email protected] ZAC Hauts de Wissous 3 Avenue Jeanne Garnerin 91320 Wissous Tel: 01 69 75 15 15 Fax: 01 69 75 15 18 Plain ribbon, Pattern and jacquard Bias Elastic braid Braid cord Embroidery lace THE HOUSE OF URSULE Transparent Jazzy CD / DVD storage box Large Jazzy storage box CASTORAMA


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