The butterfly motif for which style?

The butterfly motif for which style?

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This is part of the motives that, as a rule, little girls love. But think again, this light, spring-like and country motif is not only suitable for dreamers under the age of 10!

For a little girl's room of course…

It will represent nature, and its flight will symbolize cheerfulness, fantasy and dream. Associated with flowers, trees and birds, it will create a childlike decor in the image of a luxuriant and magical nature. What could be better for a little girl to live in an enchanted world? In decorative garlands, on the curtains and the carpet in small stickers and wall decorations to sprinkle all over the walls, butterflies will easily help you make little girls dream!

For a romantic and country style

But butterflies are neither stupid nor reserved for childhood, as long as you know how to handle this motif correctly. We like its lightness, its freshness, its delicacy: it sends us back to the serenity of the countryside and the sweetness of our bucolic reveries. In a bedroom or living room, in a romantic style, it is essential! No need to make tons of them: a discreet sticker that simulates a flight, a few butterflies with a retro twist that decorate your cushions and your clock… Associated with patterns of small discreet flowers in liberty style and a harmony of pastel colors and the turn is play !

A flagship item for your cabinet of curiosities!

Make way for mystery and dreams in an office that looks curiously like the lair of an extravagant collector. here, the collections under butterfly frames have their place… alongside specimens under bells and old illustrations representing birds, insects of all kinds and maps of the world!


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