Trend: the seats in faux fur

Trend: the seats in faux fur

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Because winter is not over yet, we must think of creating a warm cocoon in the house. For this, the trend is turning to faux fur seats which are sure to give a very soft cocooning style to your interior.

Winter star fur

Faux fur is the essential material of winter to give a warm spirit to your interior. It is also a very decorative ally to create a Scandinavian style in your interior which will be particularly appreciable when the outside temperatures drop. We choose a synthetic material that perfectly imitates real fur and we select a white, gray or brown color to create its winter atmosphere.

Faux fur seats are the trend

To bring fake fur into your interior, we use stools, poufs and other armchairs ... Indeed, these practical and useful accessories will be perfect for bringing warmth and softness into your rooms such as the living room, bedroom or the entrance. We put on stools with wooden feet that have a soft pile seat or a thick and comfortable armchair. If you do not want to offer this kind of small furniture, note that you can also customize the seats that you already have. All you have to do is place a faux fur plaid on an armchair or stool. You can give your furniture a new winter look at a lower cost!