How to choose a pool water heater?

How to choose a pool water heater?

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Answer: the electric heater for the most modest budgets, the solar water heater in sunny regions and the heat pump for the largest grounds.

In trade, there are four main types of water heaters: the electric heater, the solar water heater, the heat pump, or the boiler in your home. Among the classic solutions, the electric heater (the cheapest) that is installed next to the pool filter and the boiler in your home, are the most practical solutions in the short term, but the power consumption of both devices is quite high . Among the ecological solutions, the solar water heater and the heat pump represent a significant initial investment, which is gradually recouped with the energy savings achieved. Unfortunately, the solar water heater is only effective in regions that benefit from strong sunlight, and the heat pump needs a lot of space in the garden for installing the collectors. You too, send us your brico question