Electric water heaters: make the right choice

Electric water heaters: make the right choice

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Indispensable for our daily well-being, the electric water heater is often the main source of domestic hot water production in a house. A centerpiece in your home that must be adapted to your needs. So, to choose it well, here are some key points to follow.

Assess your needs

Because hot water needs vary according to the composition of the family home and the size of the dwelling, it is essential to choose the capacity of your electric water heater correctly to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. Note that on average, a single person consumes 60 liters of hot water per day against 100 to 150 liters for a couple without children and double for a family of four. The surface of your home but also the water points which will be supplied by the hot water tank are taken into account in your selection. Plan, a cumulus with a capacity of 100 to 150 liters for a studio or two rooms. For the first, it will serve sink and bathroom (shower and sink) and for the second, sink, bath and sink. For a three or even a four-room apartment, a water heater capacity of 150 to 300 liters will be necessary to supply the sink, bathtub and two sinks. Finally, a house or an apartment of more than 100 m² must be equipped with a water heater of 300 or 400 liters.

Choose your location

In order to shorten the journey time of hot water as far as possible to its point of arrival, place your water heater as close as possible to your facilities, namely sinks, sinks, showers and bathtubs. If you choose to put your cumulus in a room without heating like the garage for example, remember to protect it from the cold and especially from frost by insulating it with specific materials. Finally, plan the location according to the shape of your water heater: horizontal or vertical.

Call a professional

The installation of a water heater is subject to safety standards, so it is best to call in a professional. However, if you wish to install it, it is essential to fix your device on a load-bearing wall. The weight of a water heater can reach 300 kilos. Use only fasteners intended for this type of material.

Think of aesthetics

Also don't forget the aesthetic dimension. If today, the manufacturers show imagination to integrate with harmony their material in our interiors, the water heater remains a rather imposing device. You can hide it behind a formwork, in a cupboard or behind a curtain, but allow a minimum of 50 cm each time between your device and the wall to facilitate handling and access to controls.