Make a vintage and natural Christmas decoration

Make a vintage and natural Christmas decoration

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The end of year celebrations are approaching… Initial Déco invites you to create a vintage and natural Christmas decor. Discover the steps necessary to develop a successful party decor.

Step 1: choose a theme

Whatever the event to celebrate, it is necessary first of all to choose a decoration theme to create unity in your decorative atmosphere. With the holiday season approaching, discover how to make a Christmas decoration in a vintage and natural theme.

Step 2: select materials and colors

Choose raw materials such as wood, zinc, white porcelain, glass and linen. Determine a color code which will correspond to the chosen theme but also to your interior decoration. For a vintage and natural Christmas decor, opt for neutral colors (beige, taupe, gray) and warmer colors to recall the Christmas tradition (red, silver, gold).

Step 3: create the atmosphere

To make your holiday decoration in a vintage and natural style, select decorations of blond wooden fir such as stars or hearts. Use zinc letters or decorative objects with red and gold typography to make the house speak. Place zinc labels on the packages or as a place card for a retro decor. To enhance the concocted dishes, present them on a cake dish with glass bell in vintage style. Diffuse a soft and warm light using white porcelain candle holders with stars. Create a cozy atmosphere using decorative cushions that you will place on the sofa. Only family and friends are missing to complete this warm and magical Christmas decor! Contest: a 100 € voucher on the Initial Déco site and lots of gifts to win here!