Tea time trend for fall

Tea time trend for fall

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Taking tea is a ritual that regains its meaning when the cold pushes you to stay indoors. We savor this moment with a hot cup and some sweets to face the coming winter. And to sublimate this moment, nothing like a well-groomed tea time table.

Sublimated tea

For your tea time table, the essential element is of course a teapot worthy of the name which will sublimate the leaves that you will slide into the water. You will find many models all more decorative than the others. You can opt for a flower teapot for a very English style or for a cast iron teapot which will give you more Japanese inspiration. Once the teapot has been chosen, do not hesitate to opt for beautiful cups in the same style in order to create a certain harmony. However, do not hesitate to play the card of mismatched dishes by opting for different cups from each other.

A gourmet tea time

What would tea time be without the sweet treats that accompany your drink? We serve cupcakes, scones and other English cookies but to devour the pastries and cookies first of all, we put on cake dishes that showcase these. We love the bell models or the floor servers that give height to your decor. Do not hesitate to multiply the containers to give an even more delicious touch to your table. It only remains to take advantage of this gourmet and timeless moment while the cold prevails outside.