Blue in the bathroom

Blue in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, nothing like blue to remind the color of the water, the king element of this room dedicated to relaxation. Also, to set the tone, we put on accessories that sport deep blues for a very decorative ocean spirit.

Blue in the bathroom

In the bathroom, we choose blue for its soothing spirit that will help you relax. Thanks to this color with multiple shades, you will start and end your days gently. Recalling the expanses of the ocean, it will be a real call to escape to make you forget the worries of the day. We will bet on a deep shade that will have an enveloping and warm power where the turquoise blues are more refreshing.

How to get blue into the bathroom

Bringing blue into the bathroom is a breeze! If you really want to renovate your bathroom, you will of course find blue tiles that will have a small effect both on the floor and on the walls. Painting is also a very decorative possibility that we will particularly appreciate with an imitation parquet (vinyl) on the floor. Note that you can also choose closet doors in this color or cover your existing doors with blue adhesive. If you only want to bring a blue decoration without too much cost, the accessories will be your allies. We think of a soap dish or a toothbrush holder but also a basket, storage and even towels in this color.


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