How often should I maintain the air conditioning?

How often should I maintain the air conditioning?

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When summer returns, your air conditioner turns into a precious ally. But it is still necessary to maintain it correctly and at the right frequency! Here is all the information and advice to properly maintain your air conditioning, and at the right frequency.

Air conditioning: manual maintenance

An air conditioner is an electrical device that contains a refrigerant that should be taken care of. A poorly maintained system can lead to poor cooling, overconsumption of electricity and an increased risk of breakdown. Every year, preferably before summer, dust the outside of your air conditioner and wash the filter with soapy water. If the filter is worn, take the opportunity to change it. If your air conditioning is reversible, operate in the same way but this time twice a year, at each change of season.

Air conditioning: professional maintenance

Each year, it is advisable to bring in a professional to check the condition of your air conditioning system. To reduce the cost, you can subscribe to a maintenance contract and avoid spending a large sum at once. Note: this is not necessary if it is an auxiliary air conditioner. What should be checked during this maintenance? The pressure, the good circulation of liquids and the possible presence of leaks.

New regulation for air conditioning

Since July 2011, a new law has entered into force: air conditioning installations containing more than 2 kg of liquid must be subject to periodic maintenance in order to limit polluting emissions. In general, this maintenance should be carried out every 3 to 5 years on average, but it may change depending on your device. Do not hesitate to check with your installer.