A warm floor covering

A warm floor covering

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If paints and wallpapers can radically change the atmosphere of a room, the choice of floor should not be taken lightly either. Changing your flooring can change everything and create the warm atmosphere that your decoration lacked. And today, techniques make it easier to install quality coatings. It would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

The floor

With parquet, it is all the warmth of wood that invades the room. To reinforce this natural aspect, we favor light woods which will also welcome light. In a waxed or vitrified finish, the parquet softens and offers a velvety appearance. For smaller budgets, you can opt for laminate parquet which imitates solid wood better and better.

The carpet

It immediately comes to mind when we talk about warm flooring because the comfort it provides underfoot is unmatched. Shunned a few years ago, she made a comeback thanks in particular to the shaggy. We appreciate the material effect of his long hairs which gives the impression of walking on a cloud. The warmth of the carpet is not only limited to its visual appearance, it is also to be taken in the first degree since it retains heat better than hard floors.


It is preferably chosen thick for better thermal and sound insulation. He was criticized for making too much plastic because it was shiny, but today the PVC floor can be quite dull and he even happens to deceive us when it resumes the appearance of other materials such as wood. Easy to install, resistant and not requiring a big budget, vinyl seduces by its flexible side underfoot and its decorative side knows no limits thanks to the many patterns available.