Sets and table runners for fall decoration

Sets and table runners for fall decoration

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New arrivals in the world of tableware, table sets and table runners bring the final touch to a neat and colorful table decoration. Classic or design, they now come in very different forms and materials. What models to choose for a decoration on the theme of autumn? Explanations.

Warm tones

Very focused on nature and forest products, autumn is a season of contrast both in terms of colors and the weather! For a table decoration that reflects this intermediate period, opt for the warm, coppery colors of seasonal products for your table accessories (orange, burgundy, brown tones, etc.). You can also make them yourself by sliding pretty dead leaves into a customizable plastic holder (on sale in DIY stores or on the Internet).

Autumn pleasures

Many brands offer table sets and table runners in cotton, linen or boiled wool (Winkler, Alinéa, Becquet, etc.) which will perfectly enhance plates, cutlery and centerpieces. Be creative and add a nice natural decoration over pumpkins, moss, chestnut shells, etc. If you do not find what you are looking for among the big brands, nothing prevents you from making your own table runners! With a nice fabric, braid, and a few scissors, make original accessories that will give a unique character to your dinners!