Mustard yellow takes over fall

Mustard yellow takes over fall

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Tonic color par excellence, yellow is the very bright color of the sun but for autumn, its hue darkens slightly to evoke the leaves of autumn. In the house, we then adopt mustard yellow to give an autumn look to the decor.

Zoom on mustard yellow

The shades of yellow are very rich and even the name mustard yellow covers several shades. So, depending on the case, you will find yellow with a slight hint of green and in the other a slight touch of brown. The yellow is then less bright and therefore more conducive to cocooning decoration while providing a touch of color to your interior.

How to use mustard yellow?

So that your living room does not take on a seventies look, we avoid the total mustard yellow look. This color is used on a few well-chosen keys, particularly in textiles. For example, install a cushion on a gray sofa to enhance the decor or a carpet for an original touch in the living room. If you want the color to take more place in your decoration, you can dare a more substantial room. You will find many sofas, chaise lounges, armchairs and other furniture that display this color to offer an original interior and a touch of vintage. Note that this color particularly finds its place alongside natural colors in order to enhance the whole with originality. We then install the mustard in a gray, taupe or white decor for a very trendy look.


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