Cake displays for kitchen decor

Cake displays for kitchen decor

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To decorate your kitchen, nothing better than to think aesthetic and practical. So, why not display your beautiful dishes on shelves for a chic decor that you can use to serve at the table.

Why display your dishes?

Displaying your dishes is a simple and economical solution to decorate your kitchen. You just have to put your most beautiful pieces on the work plan, on the kitchen table or even to dedicate a shelf to the wall that will accommodate dishes and trays. In addition to decorating your kitchen with items you already have (so it's economical!), You will also make room in your cupboards for everyday dishes. Finally, displaying your dishes is a great way to store them.

Which dishes to choose to display?

Displaying your dishes is one thing, but we won't choose just any model. Indeed, the idea is to choose beautiful pieces that come out of everyday dishes. We will thus prefer pieces of good size and which have a beautiful volume. The cake server is the ideal candidate! Whether it is a storey or a bell, it will give volume to the shelf in the manner of small sculptures. The forms are often very original with flower trays, monumental bells or worked floors. Do not hesitate to play the accumulations like a tea room for a very refined effect. You will then bring to the kitchen a chic and feminine style. Then you just have to make cakes or bites to install on the servants when you use them for meals.