Misconceptions about truffles

Misconceptions about truffles

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The truffle is the fruit of a mycelium, otherwise a fungus, which lives in osmosis with the roots and rootlets of a tree. But now the truffle can leave the field of its favorite regions to settle in your garden. The root system of a truffle tree is nothing more or less than the seat of a symbiosis between the tree and the fungus. This symbiosis takes place through mycorrhizae, organs that belong to the fungus as well as to the root system of the tree. Until now, this symbiosis has been carried out in a random and natural way. Science now provides gardeners with a way to get truffle trees in their gardens.

Get a truffle tree in your garden!

Today there are mycorrhizal plants on the market of different tree species. Birch, hornbeam, oak, hazel, linden, cedar, Austrian black pine or Laricio pine from Calabria, are thus mycorrhized in pots and will be able to develop at home with, after a few years, the appearance of the precious black diamond . No need indeed to have a huge garden to install a hazelnut! Plant plants are mycorrhized with two types of "Tuber": melanosporum (or black truffle from Périgord) for regions with a temperate, oceanic or Mediterranean climate; uncinatum (Burgundy truffle) for continental regions. The truffle likes calcareous soils, therefore the choice of planting soil remains essential. If you have a limestone soil not too heavy, well ventilated, not too rich in organic matter and with a pH between 7.5 and 8.5, you are likely to get truffles in your garden. However, you will need to be patient, while the tree grows sufficiently.


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