Emma and Fabien's decor of Household scenes

Emma and Fabien's decor of Household scenes

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The new season of Scènes de Ménages arrives on M6 to once again share the funny daily life of four couples as different as each other. The latest arrivals in the series, Emma and Fabien live in the countryside with their daughter Chloé. A quick overview of their interior, both comfortable and warm.

Who are Emma and Fabien?

Emma and Fabien are the new additions to the series! He is a history teacher and a bit anxious and she works in a DIY store and wears the couple's panties. These two city dwellers settled in the countryside with their daughter Chloé. They are delighted to cultivate their vegetable garden in the countryside but still regret that their friends come to see them less and that it is so difficult to get a pizza delivered. On the decor side, Emma the handyman takes care of everything and does not lack tips for an original decor way recovered.

Emma and Fabien's decor of Household Scenes

The two lovers bought an old farm and transformed it to afford a beautiful family home. Inside, stones and beams are visible and give character to the living rooms. The decoration is a mixture of rustic and recuperated for a whole which has character. Their kitchen presents a beautiful work plan to prepare the vegetables of the garden, the wooden table allows to welcome the neighbors for the aperitif. In terms of colors, make way for modernity with red for the curtains, blue in the bedroom and gray for the contemporary sofa. We will even find original accessories such as colored neon tubes as lighting.


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