Can I apply self-adhesive vinyl to tiles?

Can I apply self-adhesive vinyl to tiles?



Answer: yes, provided that the tiling is in good condition.

It is possible to apply self-adhesive vinyl, and any type of flexible covering, on tiling provided that it is in good condition, clean and dry. Be aware, however, that the ideal solution would be to remove the tiles, especially if they are old, even if this lengthens the duration of the work and the invoice. Indeed, the tiling tends to move over time, which can cause differences in levels. In case of deviation of more than 5 mm, you will have to make a leveling work before installing the vinyl. In addition, it will be essential to strengthen the adhesion of the tiling (too weak), by applying an adhesion primer (specific to the tiling support) which is easily found in large DIY stores. Apart from these particular constraints, it is enough to follow the standard instructions for the installation of the self-adhesive vinyl. You too, send us your brico question