What are the different water heating floor tubes?

What are the different water heating floor tubes?

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Answer: the polyurethane tube and the polybutene tube.

For the water heating floor, two types of tubes are possible. On one side the crosslinked polyurethane tube (PER), on the other the polybutene tube (PB). They are both used for their flexibility (essential for the realization of the loops of the floor), their resistance in time (the service life of the installation is long), their capacity to withstand strong pressures (the weight of the furniture ) and high temperatures. On all these criteria, the characteristics of the two products are quite similar. Banned for a long time, copper is making a small comeback today in the context of low temperature heated floors, in the form of annealed copper which is flexible enough for this use, but it is more expensive than the first two. You too, send us your brico question