What are the standards for windows?

What are the standards for windows?

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Answer: standard NF 297, an essential benchmark.

Standards are a precious help in choosing a window that conforms to its manufacturing and to the performance attributed to it. It is the NF standard, developed by AFNOR, referenced under the number NF 297, which guarantees that your window conforms. In the NF marking, we find the AEV classification of a window. The initials use the initials of the words air, water and wind. The window is tested according to its weather resistance. This standard is not fixed. It is determined according to the region of habitation and the strength of the weather. The NF standard also takes into account the acoustic insulation of windows, which varies from 30 to 45 dB. At the same time, it can integrate certain additional criteria which make the quality of a product. These criteria give rise to certifications or labels: CSTB, Celka or Acotherm. Finally, for aluminum windows, there is the Qualicoat standard. It certifies the quality and resistance of the aluminum profiles. You too, send us your brico question