What is the blue stone?

What is the blue stone?

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Answer: a material from Belgium.

Perfect for exterior cladding (facade, paving, staircase, etc.) as well as interior (work surface), blue stone is a sedimentary and limestone stone. Naturally blue gray in color, it is also nicknamed "small granite" because of its shine. From blue quarries in the provinces of Hainaut, Namur and Liège, blue stone is a material with great thermal, acoustic and sanitary comfort, used in construction since the Middle Ages. It is particularly resistant to frost and pollution. The real blue stone therefore comes from Belgium. However, the Asian Blue from Vietnam has very similar characteristics and offers more nuances of color. It can be called "blue stone". Be careful, this is not the case with the Jinin Stone from China, of much lower quality. Belgian blue stone benefits from serious quality controls from the Belgian Federation of natural stone wholesalers. You too, send us your brico question